A Shit Post a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - The Covid-19 ShitPost Diaries #1

8개월 전

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I am removing all my creative content from this site as it is no longer decentralize. Steem has now become populated with a majority of spammers and plagiarists. Anyone found stealing, plagiarizing or trying to re-purpose any of my work without first requesting permission; will be prosecuted by any means at my disposal.
Thanks for reading.

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Cheers! :D


Cheers m8ty.

I'm seriously gonna put these up every day with updates until I get over this thing.. but even then probably continue just sharing pics of my travels until the Sun finally goes down on steem.

P.s. I don't know how the hell you weren't on my steeauto fanbase but you are now. Someone, I don't even know who it was delegated me 10000 SP about two weeks ago when I first created the ink well so my 100% steem vote ain't too shabby right now.

Crazy things happen at crazy times. I think the person who delegated me just liked that I'd made a creative writing community, because it happened right after I announced the ink well, but I've no way of knowing cause they don't blog and can't find them on discord.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

Hope you're well m8?