Street Food Photography!

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Hello Wonderful Readers!

Hope you are enjoying your days!!

Today I'am sharing something different. STREET FOOD!
We have a huge variety of street food around our country. Some specific areas are very popular for that also. One of the best thing of street food id it tastes good and does not costs much.


Ummm, may be not that hygienic, but it worth to try some. What do you say? Can you resist yourself seeing those photos? I'm not sure how it will gonna effect on me coz I'm fasting and sharing delicious mouth watering food photography!


I took the pictures from one of our popular tourists place Cox'sBazar. This place is popular for it's longest sea beach. But, yeah, sea food is another reason. You don't have to go to five star restaurants with much money to enjoy sea food. You can taste some on the street. And I guarantee you, you will not get disappointed.


The best thing is you can choose from the shop what you want to have and they will prepare it instantly in front of you. I am sorry if I'm offending vegan people out there. But who love to eat fish will surely gonna enjoy this.

Hope you like my captures!
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I'm vegetarian so probably will avoid most of that! 😅

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I can understand! 😶

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I love fish, but cannot eat anything that is deep fried my friend.
Only grilled fish!


That's a good choice. :)

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