Architectural Photography ๐Ÿ“ธ "The Main Structure Of The Jhansi Fort"

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Yesterday I posted some pictures of the Jhansi Fort showing the outer structure of it. Today, I am sharing some more pictures of its inner structure. As the whole fort is spread on 15 acres land and have very thick walls made of granites. These pictures are of the inner structures just after the entrance gate. Lush green fields and the large walls running from one end to other end and the biggest gate of the fort as you can see in the picture. This is situated at a very great height and the whole city view can be enjoyed when we are at the gate shown in the picture. I will share more pictures of the fort and stories accosiated with it.

One interesting fact about the strength of the fort and its structure is that Britishers wanted to take over the fort from the Queen of Jhansi but she didn't accept their offer and fought till her last breath. British people bombarded it for 8 days continuously but could not enter the fort. Its walls are so thick and strong that it is not easy to attack and destroy it. It is a great example of ancient indian architecture.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories.

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