My photographies and the right to use and copy them

2년 전

In an older post of mine I mentioned what I think about watermarks.
I said, I think they are useless and ugly. Therefore I don't use them in my images.
That did not change. I still do not use any watermark in my photos for the exact same reason.
But that does not mean my images are public domain.

Some people asked my if im not scared that my images got used by other people.
No, im not. Feel free to use my images wherever you want AS LONG AS YOU DONT CHARGE MONEY FOR THEM and as long as you mention me.

Not mention a copyright information does not mean an image is public domain.
Read more about it here:
If you're unsure what you're allowed to do just ask the creator of the image.

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mavilious photography and haha your really brave and yeah if other people use your picture its they are helping you and watermarks are really bulshitt same thinking of mine too!

Thanks for sharing, very kind of you to let others use your images (for non-commercial use)!! I have to agree about watermarks, in my own art I only ever put my little wee name at the bottom.. I can't stand when an image has a giant transparent symbol right in the middle obstructing it >.<


yeah giant transparent watermarks are so ugly.
I always like it when people use my image, its also kind of an advert for me.

  ·  2년 전

I think the watermark is a symbol of uniqueness so you should use. but again it's up to you but personally, i like watermark a lot. It's no essential that watermark would be giant it could be small😉😉..


I rather prefer to develop my own uniq style.
I hope there will be a day where people know that it is an image of mine by just looking at it.

  ·  2년 전

I hope there will be a day where people know that it is an image of mine by just looking at it.
wow this one something else 👍👌✌️💪...

this is soo beautiful picture!

really interesting blog man...👍

Awesome photography, nice work 💕