First ride in Costa-Rica

2년 전


Last Wednesday I went for a ride to a Costa-Rican beach Tivives. Because we are having a rainy season now I had to do it before 2 pm, which is usually a rain time. I did 16 km (one way) up and down hills in one hour and had all the sand and waves just for myself! On the way back I had climbed more and took me more than an hour, but I managed to back home before rain starts. I arrived tired, sweated and happy :) Pura vida!

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Así es ¡puira vida! como dicen ellos. Costa rica es espectacular y su gente es sencilla y amable. Saludos

@franexito si, es verdad! Aquí en guanacaste se puede sentir eso! :) me encanta este región del país.

You have some more footage from the ride. The beach looks great! 😍


I have just some pics of this black sanded beach. I don't have a grip on my camera to mount it on my helmet, so, unfortunately, there's no footage from the ride. :(


Too bad there is no footage of the ride itself. But I was hoping for some beach pictures 😇

Can't you create a mount yourself?

Es una bicicleta profesional, mi senor! ;)

@veggie-sloth muy amable, gracias :)