## Insects on Veld Flower:

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Insects on Veld Flower:

Yesterday I posted about a Beautiful Veld Flower which I saw while walking in the veld. I did not only photograph one veld flower, here is another one I came across.

Just look at the 2 insects sitting on the flower, the one is camouflaged, much better that his friend. (You can also see my fingers holding the flower, as the wind was blowing and the photos blurred because of the movement.)

Below you can see a better view of the entire plant. The flowers are a very bright yellow.


Like I said yesterday, I really love walking in nature, taking in all the beautiful surroundings.

I took the photos with my iPhone, at Monateng just North of Pretoria in South Africa.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

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W e are still in summer, but winter will be approaching soon, we however never get snow.

Wonderful ❣️❣️ photographey
I love it
Chak I captured some pictures


Beautiful photos.


Thank you.


Thank you.

The flower really looks beautiful and colorful as well , I like the brightness of the flowers . Nice and high quality photo @rynow


Thank you.

interesting to check out these shots looks so stunning


Thank you so much.

Super fantastic photographey

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Amazing photographey