Who does not know this on plant

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Who does not know this one plant? Beauty petal color which is then combined with fragrance fragrance aroma makes various types of flowering plants is very popular as an ornamental plant.
Basically, the flower is actually a leaf along with a rod around it that undergoes modified form. After being transformed into a flower, its function is transformed into a reproductive organs in plants through the stigma and stamens contained therein.

Often, flowers have petals or crowns that look so beautiful and attractive. In addition, the aroma also emits a distinctive fragrance that spoil anyone who kissed him. But for some species, there are also flowers that give off unpleasant smells. Such as carrion flower and Rafflesia Arnoldi.

There are so many species of flowers scattered in this world, including in Indonesia which certainly preserves a variety of different species of flowering plants. Curious there are flowers of any kind found in this world? The following are the most beautiful types of flowers scattered throughout the world.

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