Best of The Day...The Rain In Spain

2년 전

Hello Steem Fam!

It’s been a wet 48 hours off and on, with scattered sunny periods just long enough to get out for a walk and grab a few photos. The light wasn’t the best for my photo shoot I have to say but here are a few of my favourite shots of the day.





Wshing you beautiful weather and big smiles.

Namaste 🦋

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Oh wow! Those last two are exceptional images. Look at that halfmoon! Great to see your post today @sallybeth23! I guess it would be nice if the rain clears up. Or is this weather typical this time of year?


Thanks so much @yogajill. The rain only lasts a day or two and it’s so good for the land- there is never quite enough so we look forward to it mostly. I am still super happy when the sun comes back though. 😉🦋🌴🌈💛🍀

Ooh nice, I guess the land is really soaking up the rain and enjoying it :) I always think that when there has been a dry period, that the land is really enjoying the rain! Lovely pictures as always :) the moon shot is incredible! 😀🌒🌌🌅🌴💧


Thank you for another awesome comment - yes it’s true you can really see the plants coming back to a new level of vitality and freeness that only rain water can give. Unfortunately regular tap water is virtually lifeless unless energised before feeding to plants. ❤️🌈🍀🦋


Wow yes so true! The tap water has been processed and chemically treated... many times. What a crazy world we live in. But I guess everything has a positive ! Hope the plants are looking super healthy 😀🌴❤️🌅🍄


It’s ok as long as people realise their tap water needs to be re-energised it can be healed before using it. Water is the most amazing amazing thing - which is why us humans are so amazing because we are 77 % water 😉

Nice photos @sallybeth23! My favourites are the one of the trees and the moon, you always capture such good details of the moon :D


ThAnk you so much - it would be cool to capture a ufo some day on these moon shots too 😉❤️🦋🍀🌈🌴


Brrrrrrr! But pretty 😍🦋🌴🌈💛

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