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Took a drive down by Lake Michigan tonight and caught a storm coming in. There was a lot of fog rolling over the lake as well, SUPER muggy. My camera was covered in dew and when I got back to the car everything was kinda damp lol It was well worth it though. It was my 1st time getting out and doing some night photography in a very long time, it was a really relaxing way to end the day.

Over the last week we have been having some pretty heavy storms along the Lake shore here in Michigan, so that made it hard to get out and shoot. We had power outages across the state and a ton of downed trees mostly due to straight line winds that hit the area during the night. I cant say for sure but I think we had some small tornado's.

Well that concludes this blog I hope you enjoyed this capture as much as I did taking it! As always STEEM ON!!


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