How to make a white background look interesting without spending money!

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My 20 years of experience in the film industry has taught me many things. Most importantly, I learned that you don't need money to make things look more artistic!

I was shooting yesterday and the director suggested we use the tree-dappled sunlight which was falling on a white wall as our background for the interview scene we had in the morning.

Whilst his idea was good my experience told me better.

Looking at the tree through which the sunlight was coming I could see that we would have only around 20mins before the sun had moved above the tree and the beautiful effect would be no more.

The Solution?

Use a controlled environment when you can.


You want morning sunlight through a tree?

No problem.


In the end we went with a different branch with finer leaves.

I sat on the ground blowing gently across it to create the effect of the wind blowing in the trees.

Et voila!

background 2.jpg

And this background was consistent throughout the 2 hour interview!


Our location yesterday was gorgeous, on the south coast of Bali overlooking the ocean.

A beautiful villa complete with infinity pool.

If you enjoyed this, look out for more from my archive of experience it is a pleasure to share with you now.


@samstonehill gained a Masters degree in film (1998) after which he worked as personal assistant to British film director Vadim Jean for three years.

Shortly after this period he was given a variety kinds of roles on a great many commercials & feature films including Guy Ritchie's 'Snatch' with Brad Pitt.

Over the last 10 years he has been producing many kinds of film but enjoys drone & time-lapse most of all.

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Great content. I will upvote and resteem. Thank you,

Great post Sam! Upvoted and resteemed! =)

Ahha, necessity is the mother of invention, cleaver idea. I wish I had been there, I could have done subtle bird calls to add to the illusion.

Very interesting post. Upvoted and following u. Please review my new post and provide your feedback if possible.

you are really indeed an expert in your field
nice photos :)

The "morning sunlight through a tree" photo looks absolutely stunning!

good article

Clever solution, the result is stunning!

This is a great tip, most people neglect simple things they can do to have an impact on the frame. They blame bad timing bad luck and other things but once you have a few tricks up your sleeve you can make the whole difference applying them.

So this is who you are .. :) I sometimes see you float through on my home page. I thought since I am up at the wee hours in Nebraska to pay you a visit. What a beautiful location you are in. A Master's Degree I bet that entailed a lot of fun. Good tip BTW with the tree/ plant.