Fluffy Clouds (Original Photographs)

3년 전

big fluffy clouds 1
The striking clouds after the rain

big fluffy clouds 2
making all colours and shapes

big fluffy clouds 3
some bright and white like cotton wool

big fluffy clouds 4
some grey and moody.

big fluffy clouds 5
Will it rain again? The birds don't think so

big fluffy clouds 6
but this boy grumbles and begs to differ

big fluffy clouds 7
It doesn't rain in Spain - only on the plain

big fluffy clouds 8
but the pirate in the pool is getting wet!

photography by @sandra using Panasonic DMC-FZ38 on 13 October 2016.


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Great pics - you have a new follower - STEEM ON


Many thanks @gringalicious

Nice cloud`s :)




Welcome back @sandra!


Thanks @pfunk