Christmas tree

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These photos were taken in front of one super market. These people sell Christmas trees.


  • Christmas and glory are the most famous and popular holidays in our folk calendar. They were inherited from the ancient religion, and over time they received the sanction of the church and became Christianized, incorporating different Christian symbols, which once served as different rituals. One of these is the logging of Christmas trees, a custom that is called Christmas Eve the day before Christmas.

  • Christmas Eve is a young oak or zer tree, which is cut and brought to the house early on Christmas Eve in order to be brought into the home by the host only in the evening, along with straw and roast. This tree symbolizes the tree that the shepherds brought and that righteous Joseph planted in the cold cave when Christ was born. However, as the holidays present a disturbance to the natural course of time, the Christmas tree also hints at the tree of the cross of Christ.


  • It is a custom to go to the Christmas tree early, before sunrise, when a householder with his sons or grandchildren goes to the forest. One usually chooses a young, straight and healthy tree of oak or oak, which should be so large that the host on the shoulder can bring it home.

  • There is silence in the logging, and the host goes out of sight of neighbors, passers-by and acquaintances, who could bring bad luck. When the right tree is selected, it should face east, be crossed three times, mentioning God, its glory, and tomorrow's feast.


  • Wood is also cut in a special way. According to popular belief, it is necessary to cut it with an ax inclined, and from the east side. Christmas Eve is cut with three powerful strokes, and what the ax does not cut is completed by breaking and twisting, or twisting, as it is called in some parts of Serbia.

  • It is desirable that each Christmas tree has one such part, often called a beard. When cutting, make sure that the Christmas tree falls directly on the ground, as it is a bad sign to stop at a tree.


  • In some parts of our country, it is a custom to leave something in the place where the tree once stood. Thus, in Sumadija, half of the cake is left on the stump, while the other half is eaten on the way home, while in some parts of eastern Serbia and Kosovo, a men's shirt is wrapped around the Christmas tree.

  • After cutting the Christmas tree, silence breaks and goes home with a holiday song.

  • In Christmas carols, Christmas appears as a hero on horseback who arrives joyfully and is the chief guest at a rich family dinner.

  • The fire that comes from burning the Christmas tree is supposed to help us and bring fertility, and it is a custom that the fire does not spread through the billows. In some places, a portion of the ash that is made from the Christmas tree is stored to make it mixed with water to drink against headache.

Photo of my brother and his buddies with a Christmas tree.


Translated from Serbian from this site

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Its really cool to see pictures of your Christmas trees and to hear about your Christmas Eve traditions.

I'm wondering if you have Christmas on December 25th or January 7th? I know it is celebrated on both days depending on where you live. Maybe you celebrate it both days! :D


Where I live (Serbia), both the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas are celebrated. I celebrate January 7, ie Orthodox Christmas.