The Sun Temple

3년 전

This photo is one year ago.this is temple of the sun at Konark( odisha )India.When I went to Odisha.i clicked this picture there.i want to show the picture is on the new 10 rupess note.i am also happy because there s a picture of me that place.this photo is mine.DSC07405.JPG
new 10 rupees noters_10_notes_650x400_71515153579.jpg
do you like this or not
i m waiting for your valuable
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Sorry bro apki post PR cheetah ne upvote kiya hai isiliye main nhi kr sakta

Hi, I am Sohag form Bangladesh. I am new on Steemit or Your Community.

Please read the post: Two Collection of Sunrise rise poem

I have given you an upvote. Please, you also give me upvote.

sun temple is Heritage of india.

I already gone there.. so beautiful temple..


Bhai aap kahan se ho

bhai aap odisha k h naa???


Nhi bhai main up se hu

Sun tample is a milestone of Hindu civilization

Great article bro..and nice picture..