Top of the Rock

2년 전

I had lived in NY for 5 years and never been to the Rockefeller Center. Friends from France visited and this was on their bucket list so, grudgingly, I accepted to do all the tourist stuff. In restrospect, I'm grateful to have been dragged to the top because as a New Yorker, these are not things you typically do. Its' kind of refreshing to be a tourist in your own city.

If you go, I recommend two things:

  1. Go for sunset
  2. Buy your tickets in advance

As you can see... quite worth the view :)

This city is a living piece of art. Wouldn't you agree?!

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nice shot , Love New York

Gorgeous. I would have a hard time picking between the city and nature. They are both so beautiful in their own way.

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great photo, I remember when I was standing there. you defiantly had better weather 😂.

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Nice pic, the sky looks amazing!

the amazing sunset and viewing excellent photography i like follow now 😉

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