The Philippines - Pico De Loro Cove, Chapter One

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"The best thing about heading back to the Philippines has always been one thing for me - family. "    

「  Pico De Loro Resort, The Philippines  」

C H A P T E R   O N E

Batangas, Philippines
Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sunset at Pico De Loro Cove

Whilst leaving the wondrous islands of Coron was sad to say the least, the sombre feeling was soon forgotten once I realised what was waiting for me back at home. My grandmother was turning 90 years old in a few days and my whole family from all over the world - from Australia, America, the UK, the Middle East - were arriving for us all to be together for it. Some of these aunties, uncles and cousins I hadn't seen in years and I was very excited to see them and catch up. Furthermore, I knew that the next few days would be spent with the people I love and in a luxurious beach resort called Pico De Loro, which is located south of Manila about 3 hours drive away in the region of Batangas. I couldn't wait.

The pool at Pico De Loro Resort

We were taken to our accommodation by shuttle (which are completely free to guests) and was met by the lovely owner of the condominium we were renting on the resort. She showed us around and made us feel extremely welcome, speaking in English because she thought I couldn't speak the local language which was very kind! We had a condo which was good for fifteen people, which for a cheap price of £188 per night (about $245) was very reasonable. There are other small resort fees such as $10 per person, otherwise it was very good value for money considering the facilities that we were allowed to use free of charge! We were able to use the two swimming pools, the gym, and the beach for free, as well as the free transport across the humongous resort. My family settled in but tired after the long journey, they decided to nap in the condominium we had rented for our 3-day stay here. But keen to explore, and with sunset dawning, I was keen to explore the beach past the huge lake. I took the free 1 minute shuttle to what they call "The Beach Club" and went onto the white-sand beach. I ran excitedly to the sea and looked around, the pristine beach was absolutely devoid of people. There was no one to be seen - I had the beach to myself in its entirety! With this, I took my drone out and proceeded to take pictured of the area before the sun started to set. Very pleased with the pictured I was able to capture, I headed back to see the family and prepare for our meal.

The grounds of Pico De Loro from the sky

The gorgeous beachfront within the cove

It was also the day of my grandmother's 90th birthday and as a Filipino family, we decided to celebrate how Filipinos know best - with lots and lots of food! In Filipino style, we brought in with us a classic and very popular Filipino dish - lechon, which is a Spanish word for essentially a spit-roasted suckling pig. Surrounding it was lots of other Filipino delicacies, pork and chicken adobo (the national dish of the Philippines which is meat marinated in a combination of vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper and garlic), and my favourite pancit palabok, which is a noddle dish topped with shrimp gravy, crunchy pork cracklings, eggs and whole shrimp. I could go on as there were simply so many dishes but I would take up the entire blog. Maybe one day I'll do a piece on delicious Filipino food and how to make them! Anyway it was a feast fit for kings, but as long as it was fit for my 90 year old grandmother, I was happy. What a joyous night.

A traditional Filipino celebratory meal!

Stuffed to the brim, I pondered on what to explore tomorrow on the resort. The whole area is gorgeous, and I have many more pictures to take of the beach and the surrounding area which I can't wait to share with my fellow Steemians.

My lola (Tagalog for grandmother) cutting her 90th birthday cake. What a smile!

F I N A L  P H O T O G R A P H S
Pico De Loro Resort, The Philippines

🌏 | Pico De Loro Cove, The Philippines
📷 | Canon PowerShot SX730 HS/DJI Spark
🎨 | Lightroom Mobile edits used

Over the next few weeks I'll be trekking through The Philippines and I'll be sharing with you my stories, emotions, advice and tips about this wonderful place. I will be doing this while sharing my photographs with all of you too. I sincerely hope this inspires you to go out there and travel!

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my journey through this country <3

Any upvotes or reblogs are hugely appreciated! Much love, everybody.

P R E V I O U S   P O S T

Click on the photograph in case you missed the last adventure...

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Looks like a beautiful resort. Love the sunrise photo in the start.


It was surprisingly pretty, that's for sure.


Thanks so much! The country is the closest thing to paradise in my opinion!


I wished the climate was better though. Mediterranean climate > tropical climate.


Indeed! I guess now I see why people live here for only 6 months of the year.

i liked them :P


Very glad you did hehe!

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Oohh this is lovely.. Your photos are breath taking. Happy 90th to your lola.


Aww thanks so much, salamat po! I will pass it on to her :)

The lechon looks delicious. Its good na may pinoy na nagtetrending sa steemit. Worthy to be promoted. :)


Salamat po! Hehe I love the Philippines talaga and if I can share it with the world in some way and give people some tips along the way, then that makes me happy. Not enough pinoys on Steemit but hopefully there'll be more of us soon!

happy 90th in your grandmother, you should try eating the street food if you'll find it interesting and by the way Philippines has many great views, hope you enjoy here.

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Thanks very much, I'll be sure to pass it on! And YES agreed, I love the street food here, there's so much variety! And thanks, I absolutely adore this country and will spend much more time here I think!


good for you, don't hesitate to ask if you want something to know in a place, Filipinos are hospitable especially to foreigners. lol
But always take care, you are still stranger for them.

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Thanks very much for your kind offer, I may well do! And yeah I do agree. I lived in the Philippines for 10 years and Filipins are the most hospitable people of any place I've been to in Asia. They truly treat you like family!

That resort looks amazing, and very large. It is nice to have had the entire beach to yourself!!


It was a surprise honestly! I don't normally like the idea of resorts, but in terms of the accessibility to the beach for my family, especially for my lola, it was perfect. To see her have the ability sit in the sea (assisted by the resort staff with wheelchairs etc.) with the rest of us was an absolutely heart-warming moment for me that I shan't forget.


That really is a priceless experience, to share something like that with your family!!


Yes indeed!! :)

Absolutely gorgeous. I've never wanted to visit the PI but after reading this, I'm tempted!

I do love Filipino food and had some chicken adobo and lumpia this weekend.

Was there any balut being served? I'm too scared to try that.


There's a food truck under my office that sells filipino burritos. I'm not sure how authentic they are.


Authentic shmauthentic. They sound amazing.


Makes me so happy you'll be considering the Philippines after having a read! Many people think the Philippines is dangerous but after being there 10+ times, I would say it's much safer than a lot of Asian countries! You should definitely visit, lots of adobo and lumpia to go around!

I agree with you with the balut! I was forced almost against my will to try it and they had me on the 18 day old one which is a good 'beginner' balut as its not so formed. Just tasted like an egg to be honest so definitely give it a try at least once I'd say! Let me know how it goes :D


Oh man, I didn't realize they had it separated into vintages!

Good job trying it, though.

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Cork City is very beautiful and sophisticated
I hope to visit her


Indeed. Thanks for stopping by :)

Demasiado unicas y hermosas esas fotos mil felicitaciones

Beautiful 📷👍🏼📸

How's the weather? And what kind of animal is that that appears in the photo?


The animal looks like a young pig.


Weather's great between December and April. And that's a young pig as @programmingvalue rightly said

very nice

yay. I'm half pinoy

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So amazing


Hehe thanks.

  ·  4년 전

I am in love with that type of photography. Its Awesome.👌


Glad I've got a fan!

Thank you for good photo & information!


Glad to have been some use to you!

Very attractive Resort, mind blowing, Happy birthday to your grandmother, if I get a chance I must visit this resort.


Thanks so much, I'll pass on the birthday wishes, I'm sure she'll be happy!

Los paisajes preciosos, todo increible.. y con ese Lechon la complementa.. se ve exquisito!!

Marvelous! I love your blog men! Truly, Philippines is a paradise!Where ever you are and every part of that Country has it's own magnificent beauty! Looking forward for your more!

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cool blog, have a good fun!


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