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Rosaceae Rosaceae species of rosaceae are called dosa botanical plant. There are around 150 species of rose species all over the world. Despite the cultivation of a few species and variety of roses from abroad, the local Rosa involucrata species rose in the wetlands of Mymensingh, Sylhet and Chittagong. The tree is not so good in the thorny bush of thorns. Among the wild rose species that rose from the modern rose, notably Rosa rugosa, R. mundi,
R. Centifolia, R. canina, R. Damascena, R. gallica etc. The rose flower has found its place in mythology very naturally for its beauty. In the Greek epic, the birth of a rose from the blood of Venus of the goddess of Venus is born. In Arab country, there is a white rosemary that is used to embrace the bulbous bird when it is worn by the thorns, in its blood white rose rose to red rose. In the Hindu mythology, the Vishnu Brahma is said to be the best flower, when Brahma takes Vishnu to heaven and there is a light-colored rose fragrance. There are so many stories about roses.800px-গোলাপ_ফুল.jpeg

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