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There are about 100 to 150 species of rose flower in the world. All of these species include different sub-species. In all, around 550 different roses exist around the world. In this post, the flowers will introduce you to those species. It would be wrong to say the introduction of the fact, in fact, you will put pictures of those roses in front of you. So that you just see how many roses are there in the world, and what they look like. I will try to add a little bit of information, which can not be taken into account. I decorate the rose according to the English version of their name. In that sequence, we will see today the photos of the pink rose starting with L.
B.D. The rose has been shown in two parts because the number of roses started at L is about 25. See today's 13 pieces of the last part.4648266077_f07a736225.jpg

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