Two days in Budapest

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Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to visit Budapest for the first time. It was only over the weekend but I had ample time to stroll through the Donau Metropole both during the day and at night.

I had a little appartment in the very center of the city and could thus walk out the door right into the bustling city.

To get a first impression I started my sightseeing tour with a boat trip on the Donau. The first thing I learned was that there is Buda, west of the Donau and Pest, east of the Donau. These two districts had been independent cities until they got merged into Budapest in 1873.

The Chain Bridge, the Hungarian capital's first bridge. Like most of the other bridges it got destroyed in WWII. In 1949 it got reconstructed according to the original plans from the nineteenth century.

Glowing in the evening sun, the impressive Hungarian parliament building.

The perfectly symmetrical parliament is built in the neo-gothic style, with only the central dome adopting a rennaisance revival architecture.

Again the Chain Bridge, this time photographed towards the Buda side. Can you see the dove in the sky?

Enjoying a tasty pizza with Hungarian salami before transitioning into the nightly Budapest.

Very popular are the so-called ruin bars and clubs in downtown Budapest. The buildings that were to be demolished were originally rented by students and due to limited financial means were furnished and decorated very individually with all sorts of second-hand items. The concept was so successful that it became a permanent institution. At this Bar you can choose your brew from the entire periodic table of beers :)

Imaginative decorations in every corner.


The next day I visited the synagogue in the Dohány Street. It is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. It was build in 1859 and can seat up to 3000 people. It is also the only synagogue in the world in which there is a pipe organ. Franz Liszt used to play it.

A clean and tidy architecture with byzantine and romanesque elements.

Last goulash and beer before heading back home.

I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour through Budapest. Next time I will report from Lagos, Portugal - hope to see you there!


All photos recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for sharing this! You gave me envy to go there, especially as Budapest is one of the few cities of Europe to which I would love to go and I didn't find the time to go yet!

PS: the parlement is impressive!


Hey @lemouth, hope you are doing well!

I can absolutely recommend visiting Budapest once. I was surprised myself how much this city has to offer. A rich history, impressive architecture and great food (especially if you like goulash ;) ). It's a vibrant city and it's fun and entertaining simply walking the streets there.


Things are fine for me. Still working on SteemSTEM a lot, posting regularly but rarely myself those days... But we have to make choices :)

How are things on your side?

I like food for Eastern Europe, especially during winter time (but I would prefer to visit during summer time so that I could benefit from the longer days :) ).

I am actually thinking about visiting Budapest right now so thank you very much for this nice travel report :) The photos are stunning, the parliament is a legend.


Cool, let me know when your report is out :)

The parliament is impressive indeed. And I was lucky that it was illuminated so perfectly by the afternoon sun when I saw it from the boat.

Da hast du ja ein tolles Wochenende erlebt wie man an den Bildern sehen kann. Budapest ist noch eine Stadt die ich in Europa noch nicht besucht habe. Das würde ich gerne nachholen. Dein Blog inspiriert mich noch mehr dazu. Liebe Grüße Michael

You had a great weekend there, as you can see from the pictures. Budapest is still a city I haven't visited in Europe yet. I would like to do that. Your blog inspires me even more. Best regards Michael

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I have to say that you really know how to use that iPhone 6S tool in function of photography, @shaka. Anyone could make a case around “equipment doesn’t matter” mantra, using your photos as an example :)


Thank you, that's a great compliment, really appreciate it!

After the many successors of the iPhone 6S, the camera system of the 11 Pro could be the first to offer added functionality that can make a real difference. I will take a closer look at it as soon as I can get my hands on it. But I'm not sure if I can bring myself to pay the price of a mid-range laptop for a mobile phone. Let's see...

I to visited Budapest for a three day weekend about 20 years ago and this post brought back memories of what an amazing place it is thanks for sharing

Have a great weekend


Happy to hear that! I'm sure it was an exciting location 20 years ago too.


Ohh yes it sure was, I was under a bit of stress at the time and a weekend away is just what I needed

Some fantastic imagery here. Love Budapest; such a fascinating and fun city. This post makes me want to go back even more and experience what I missed the first time. “Ruin bars” ; sounds so me.


Yes, these "ruin bars" are definitely worth going. The atmosphere is somewhere between Blader Runner and Flower Power. I assume the flair was even more peculiar before these bars were included as must go tos in the main travel guides.

ruin bar is a thing!


Yes, it's really a special atmosphere in these. So many details to discover.

Sehr schöne Fotos und lecker Essen und schöne Gebäude. War bestimmt ein schönes Wochenende.
Gruß vom @bitandi

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Ein schöner Blick auf Budapest, der gute Erinnerungen aufkommen ließ.

Next time I will report from Lagos, Portugal - hope to see you there!

Mich siehst du dort auf alle Fälle.
Bis dahin. 😎


Mich siehst du dort auf alle Fälle.

Das freut mich, auf Dich ist halt Verlass :)

Very cool photos. I was in Budapest this year, just for a couple of days and I wish I had stayed for longer. 😎

I feel like I've hardly saw anything.


Thanks! I felt the same, two days were a bit short. Next time I'll try to stay longer :)

such an incredible time there seems so nice thanks for sharing

Stunning captures and perfectly color balanced.

The Hungarian parliament building...Wow! Your picture is stunning.

What a wonderful pictures <3

I have not seen anything like this chain bridge before, it's really beautiful.


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Nice photography.

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for @shaka