I totaled my car, but back here with 3 photo's for today

4년 전

As you can see I took a 1 day break , mainly because i've had some trouble. I had a car accident and had to file all the papers and call around and stuff. Good news is that no one got injured, bad news is that i totaled my car. So that means that all votes, comments resteems god knows even donations are appreciated even more. First photo will be of the crash, the gray car is mine.

Enough about that, here are the 3 photo's of today let me know what you guys think please!

Heide 045 BW.jpgIMG_2165.JPG

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Let's get you upvotes so that you can buy a Bentley


If you make that happen instead of buying a bentley i would buy 2 less expensive cars and i'll give you 1 :D

I upvoted BUT if he is deemed at fault, then would you consider re gifting the money?! Don't know anything about your situation, so I'm only asking, definitely not questioning your motives!


I would, however as you can see in the update post (my last post), that didn't happen... They ruled that i was at fault. Bit anyway i'm not on steem for the money so if you still want me to regift it to you i would!


No no, I was talking about re gifting to a good cause! Good luck with the whole situation!


Oooh ok i see now. Thanks man!

good thing no one got injured. Following you... 😀

What happened? Will the insurance cover it?


Still a bit vague who was at fault. If they decide it was me, my insurance will pay for his car but not for mine. If he is, his insurance will pay for my car (don't know about his car in that case, depends on his policy). How it did happen, i'm really not sure, I think he was driving a bit on my lane and we did hit eachother head on...

Sorry about the crash hope everything works out. Thanks for your support on my blog. Upvoted. 👍


You're welcome and thanks for the support!