📷 Abandoned Theater - #PinholePhotography


Digital pinhole photo taken in Ximending, just outside the abandoned theater. Too bad it was locked, I wanted to go inside for some urban "exploration" (last time I visited, someone in our group saw other-worldly things. The building has had fires which resulted in deaths).


f/135 | 10 s | ISO 100

Equipment Used

  • Camera: Sony A7
  • Lens: Custom 0.15mm pinhole
  • Software: Lightroom Classic CC

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i like this post a lot, i like abandoned places ...

It would be very cool to go inside and poke around... with a tripod and some good flashlights. I onder if you could get permission from whoever owns the building to do a little photography in there?

  ·  작년

I don't think the owners would be happy to let people inside, they wouldn't want to be liable for any injuries that may occur.