📷 Tubular - #PinholePhotography

2년 전

Handheld pinhole photo shot with a laser-drilled pinhole attached to a body cap.


f/? | 1/50 s | ISO 6400

Equipment Used

  • Camera: Sony A7
  • Lens: Custom Pinhole
  • Software: Lightroom Classic CC

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sir can u give me vote on my post?



Hey man nice photography @shieha


Nicely done! Should put all those commenters who always want to know what equipment you use to shame as well.

What lens did you use? None at all.


Hahaha I should post a photo of the pinhole "lens" next time ;)

focal length depends how far the hole is from the sensor. Guessing it's a flat DIY piece of paper or something, so it's about 35~45mm. (oh, bodycap, didn't read :P )
Aperture is about f/70~f/90 if hole is 0.5mm. Depends on the size of the hole.


Yeah I measured the focal length to be around 20mm and the pinhole diameter 0.15mm, which is around f/133.