A Slim Fiery Redhead.

2년 전

Check out this awesome looking tree, I took this photo a few months ago, isn't she beautiful? She looks like a tall, slim fiery redhead.

IMG20180619110219 (3).jpg

I hope you like my photo's and thanks for your visit and time. Cheers.

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She certainly is a beauty mate, thanks.


Thanks bud, glad you like her, cheers mate.

It is a great looking red against the blue sky. Thanks mike


Thanks mate, it's a nice colour isn't it, cheers.

That's a stunning looking tree and it looks even better with the blue background.

Beautiful tree. No more leaves here, red leaves were two months ago


Yeah I know I feel for you mate, were all green and flowers everywhere, cheers.

Colours look great.


Thanks mate cheers.