Bamboo Graffiti.

2년 전

I found this awesome Bamboo Graffiti a while ago and thought now would be a good time to share it.



I think it looks pretty cool.



I hope you like my photo's and thanks for your visit and time. Cheers.

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Cool graffiti, very unusual it actually looks pretty effective, thanks for sharing mate. :o)


Glad you like it agaupt, it's certainly different that's for sure, cheers mate.

I love bamboo it's such a special and useful tree, very beautiful mate thanks for sharing.

Upvote and resteem. Prefer they don't have that bukakke all over them.


I hope there wasn't any bukkake lucky I walked through this bamboo, Yuck, Lol cheers mate.

I liked the graffiti, mainly those written in languages that I don't know.


Yeah I reckon it's pretty cool, I like how most of it is scratched into the bamboo, cheers mate.

I have seen graffitis on walls and trees but never on bamboos. I like them. Several beautiful designs.


Yeah it's the first time I've seen it on Bamboo as well, cheers mate and thanks for stopping by.

Peaple have been busy on the Bamboo :)


There was a lot more than this, it was hard to photograph it, cheers mate.