What Do You Think of my New Christmas Trees?

2년 전

How do you think these would do for my new Christmas tree this year?



IMG_9167 (2).JPG

I hope you like my photo's and thanks for your visit and time. Cheers.

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They are fantastic looking trees very beautiful, I really like these trees. :o)


They look pretty cool don't they, cheers mate.

They would make great Christmas tree but please don't cut them down they are to beautiful.


Their not mine to cut down anyway lyrica, I was only joking mate, Lol, cheers.

They are very nice but I think it would be a shame to cut them down or would you decorate them where they stand. Cheers mike


I was only joking, I found them in a garden, these are huge trees my friend, I wouldn't be able to move them, cheers mate.

I think like @heroldius. Do not cut it. It is very beautiful alive.


I was only joking, I found them in a garden, they wouldn't fit in my house their huge trees, cheers mate.

I particularly like the soft green tone. It is a good contrast with the others. Cheers.


They are a great colour aren't they, I think they look awesome, cheers mate.

Just decorate one of them were it is haha :)


You would need a big ladder to decorate them, they are pretty big trees, but they look great don't they, cheers mate.

Just decorate, don't cut them... they're too beautiful with this light green.


I was only joking, I found them in a garden, they were very large trees, cheers mate.