Photography on Millinum park with Ganges river and howra bridge in Kolkata

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Place details..

Phone camera: Mi a1
Capture by @simaroy
District: Kolkata
State: West Bengal
Country: India


At times when I get leisure time , I reach various place of natural scenery, to relieve of the monotony of routine life.

Last year my friend and I went to visit millimium park . After reaching I picked many images . I captured some images by my phone camera . My friend snapted few pictures by my smartphone camera .Now I am going to share Millinium park photos with Ganges river and with Howrah Bridge photos. We enjoyed the beauty of Ganges river and saw millinum park with howra bridge .




The Tata group made the Millinium park ghat. Everybody It open 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. There are some ride for children. It is very interesting place. Most of people come to visit this places. So many people look over holiday in Millinium park. This park is main attraction that the beauty of Ganges river.If you go to visit Millinium park, you can see the beauty of Ganges river ,old hawra bridge and new hawra bridge and Hawra station . Really When I reached in Millinium park , I got divine happiness. The nature of river refreshes us our mind. In a word I will request if you get free time , please visit this park.

As this park is situated on the banks of Ganges river, the Howrah Bridge is very close to it.




The Howrah Bridge on the Hooghly is a modem engineering marvel.It is a cantilever span bridge .It is bulit on support from which cantilevers stand out and join together .As there is no support , the river is not at all affected by bridge.It has many arms of different lenghts. One arm has a length of 564 ft. Each of the two cantilever arms is 468 ft. long and the two anchor arms has a length of 325 ft, each .The bridge was constructed from 27000 tons of tensile steel and the cost of construction was Rs.3200000.

It took six years to complete the construction of the bridge .It was opened on 28 th February 1943 .This 2150 ft long bridge is the fourth biggest bridge in the world today .It has linked howrah and other parts of the country with the great city of Kolkata .

The Howrah bridge has been named as Rabindra setu on the memory of Rabindranath Tagore , one of the greatest sons India has ever produced .

Regards @simaroy

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