Ah! another fight

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Another fight between steem and hive. The funny thing is that when I read posts about this fight, both sides have some reasonable points, and yet both sides blame everything on the other side. So childish and yet, I post on the both sides.

The hive that was given to users, was not actually an air drop, but why current steem witnesses care if it was an air drop or not, why they care about hive?

And hive witnesses who split the chain, did it to get rid of Justin Sun but also have a blockchain and a community, they left steem behind and created their own blockchain, hive. So why they care about all the steem (token) when they left steem (blockchain) behind. Especially when the had previously freezed millions of Justin Sun's steem. So this behavior was somehow expected. Still not fair tho.

They say Justin Sun, centralized steem, I ask, can anyone revolt against @blocktrades here?

The point is, the system that allowed Justin Sun to take over steem and make it what it is now, exist here too, so don't be surprised if the same thing happens to hive in few years. Except of they try to improve the "system" and not just getting rid of people like Justin Son.


I checked steemit.com and then hive.blog. Many posts in the trending section were in Chinese (or Korean maybe?) which is another reason for me to prefer hive to steem.

In the end if I have to choose between one of these two, I will choose hive, but both sides are concentrating on the other side's mistakes and overlooking their own's.

Those bullets are more than 20 years old, maybe even older.

All photos are taken by me, except noted.

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