My last day...

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Day 30

This is the last day of my challenge, day 30. I posted everyday in the last 30 days, something that was hard for me. Sometimes I posted things that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this challenge. Not that I posted garbage, but they weren't as good as my usual post. I tried to keep posting at any (not exactly "any") cost. Now what?

I think about many things, should I keep on posting every day, even if I don't have much to say? Should I continue writing about my thoughts? Are they useful for anyone else? What are the things that I liked to post about and people want to read about?

My thoughts go deeper and deeper... Why I started this challenge? Does posting here do me any good? Have I actually helped anyone, taught anyone anything? How did being active on Hive/Steem improve my abilities? Do I put all this effort just for money?

In short, why am I here? How is this helping my life? What's coming next?

What do you think? We know post quality is important, but also is consistency, where's the balance? Should I post everyday like the last 30 days or should I go back to posting time to time.

About the photo: That's me in the photo and also I took this photo (shout out to my beloved tripod 😄). The tallest peak behind me is 3035m above sea level and that's the mountain that I took my bike to few years ago. It was the last day of January and so windy. So much that I was worried about my camera on the tripod. But fortunately it resisted the wind and I still have my camera. 😃

All photos are taken by me, except noted.

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My dear Sina,
I have been awaiting this day 30 for 30 days now. I so wondered what you would do next, and what your conclusions might be. Your deep thoughts above hardly come as a surprise, with all your questions so typically you and not so atypical of many good Steemians who care about what they post, why they post, how and when they post. Only there aren't that many to begin with....

I hope you answer your questions soon, right here where we may follow you and your artistic pursuits. Or elsewhere.... that also counts if only for one. I hope my following has helped to motivate you to keep on writing! Pity I don't come with lots of additional following....

I started writing here just for one sister soul who would never read me at all, now I've picked up a new fellow soul, who is practically living with me. Funny how Steemit has worked out for me. This fellow swears never to have any dealings at all with Steemit for his negative experiences (and much malicious loss of Steem). Our mutual friend and follower KL is in two minds with similar questions to yourse about what to do next.

What Steemit does seems to be done best small scale and without financial ambitions; these seem doomed (the Hive seems a stronger coin, but I'm not getting the vibe on the platform). It's sad how we can't live off what we love to do, unlike some YouTubers who go camping and video it or macramé themselves rich (but I doubt they do eventhough they have 12K followers).

What makes you a strong blogger is that you never sell yourself. You share and care rather.

Whatever you decide to do next, don't disappear into an uncreative slump. In any case you have added a unique link to this blockchain which counts and I believe offers the necessary counterweight to some dreadful things that may still happen on blockchain in general.


Actually after this experiment, I am motivated to post more frequently, maybe not exactly one post per day but something close.

Your comments give me courage for sure.

Whatever you decide to do next, don't disappear into an uncreative slump.

I'll try not to do that...

Did you enjoy it? Maybe to follow your bliss is next.


I don't know if I should take enjoyment in to account.

Generally I felt good about but at times, I had contradictory thoughts, feeling my content is not worth sharing, but I wanted to post daily.