Winter Wonderland Digitized

23일 전

Yesterday I shared a few photos of the winter wonderland we got over the past couple days with the 2 feet maybe even 3 feet of snow we got here in Ontario.

Today I have edited a couple of the photos to show off some weed digital art.

Photo 1

This photo is of my Mitsubishi eclipse 2004 that was buried under and 3 feet of snow As you can see much more and I would have lost my car to the great snow hill of 2019.

White ice - PicsArt_111306.51.08.jpg

Wonderland - PicsArt_111306.56.26.jpg

Flora - PicsArt_111306.57.07.jpg

Let it snow - PicsArt_111306.56.51.jpg

Photo 2

In this photo I share another angle of the Mitsubishi eclipse being buried under a snow pile.

White ice - PicsArt_111307.00.30.jpg

Wonderland - PicsArt_111307.00.08.jpg

Flora - PicsArt_111306.59.35.jpg

Let it snow - PicsArt_111306.59.48.jpg

Photo 3

Photo number 3 is the final angle of the Mitsubishi eclipse, What is the type ride you use to get around in this Canadian snow?

White ice - PicsArt_111307.02.23.jpg

Wonderland - PicsArt_111307.02.15.jpg

Flora - PicsArt_111307.02.44.jpg

Let it snow - PicsArt_111307.02.34.jpg

Photo 4

In this photo, I have taken a picture of my Hyundai entourage. This car is just as bad in the snow maybe even worse than my eclipse. The reason this car is so bad in the snow is the power to the wheels is far too great for a front-wheel drive van.

White ice - PicsArt_111306.42.58.jpg

Wonderland - PicsArt_111306.54.15.jpg

Flora - PicsArt_111306.41.45.jpg

Let it snow - PicsArt_111306.32.45.jpg

Photo 5

In this photo you can see the left side of the van, It has been buried under 3 feet of snow and not really able to even move.

White ice - PicsArt_111309.06.25.jpg

Wonderland - PicsArt_111309.06.15.jpg

Flora - PicsArt_111309.05.55.jpg

Let it snow - PicsArt_111309.06.02.jpg

Thank you for stopping by and check out my skybuds photography here on the amazing steem blockchain.

Did you end up getting snow this past week at all? I would love for you to share some of your awesome digital or none digital photography with us all here on steem.


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Cool. But you know it would be even cooler to see the reg photo to compare the filtered ones. !BEER


haha you are right i meant to add them in

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Hey @skylinebuds, here is a little bit of BEER from @jonyoudyer for you. Enjoy it!

Awesome. Everything is Art !