The Most Peaceful Place in Bongjeong-sa Temple, Near the Mountain God Building.

2년 전

I took a photo near the mountain god building.
There were two grandmas near the mountain god building under the tall and thick trees.



The sunlight brightened the autumn leaves. Under the those splendid autumn leaves, 2 ladies were talking about their daily lives. It was so peaceful. I didn’t like to interrupt their peaceful moment. So I took pics of them from far away in hidden place. They had stayed there more than 2 hours with some tee and cookies.
I was happy just with looking them.

I dare to say your life must be successful if you have a friend talking and having a time under the such a splendid sunlight in that age. In this manner, I guessed their life must be successful.

The San Sin Gak, the mountain god building was located on the slope of the mountain where the temple was embraced.



As I wrote several times, the San Sin Gak was located in the higher place in the temple to protect the buildings of temple. Unlike other temples, the San Sin Gak in Bongjeong-sa temple was very impressive place. It looked like that there was no relations with the temple. It seemed to preserve the something of the traditional and primitive Korean religion.

On the way to the San Sin Gak, I fond the piles of the small stones.




Those small piles of stones were always giving me a spiritual feeling. I don’t know the reason why but I just feel like that. Of course it might be personal feeling.

The slope was not high but I could see the whole temples there. I could see the roofs of the temple buildings.


I am in the fond of the traditional roofs. So when I find out the place to see the roofs, that must be the best place for me.

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Wow..Awesome place. .these place really so nice..And women photography also awesome.
Thanksks for sharing with us your work..
have a nice day.. @slowwalker

With Autumn it made a fabulous scenery! Those old ladies enjoying the moment and seems it's a good way to relax our lives as well! Great photography and it's great that you decided to not to disturb them as well!


in those temples you must find very good things

Your photos of the women are lovely, @slowwalker.

They are as artful as an impressionist painting.

I think it appropriate that they are conversing on a temple mount because the juxtaposition of the sacred and profane tells me that there is no distinction between the spirit and flesh.

The women's conversation in the temple precincts reminds me of an observation of Pasternak's when he wrote: Communication between mortals is immortal.

A very artful post today, my friend :)

Those pictures are so peaceful to look at. It's giving me the feelings to go there and settled for a while.
How fortunate they are who can spend their time there!
The photos are really beautiful.

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I appreciated and was comfortable.
You might be a novelist.

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Good morning!

These photos really do you post justice, what camera do you use to capture your images?

Really enjoyed the post look forward to more 😊

A truly beautiful moment of life captured. I love pictures like this, they excite the story teller in me. Imagining these women's lives, all they could tell and all they have seen.

The temple looks so nice. I'm someone who loves to find peace and spiritual nourishment in nature but unfortunately I live in the city. Photography posts like this, that bring me to somewhere amazing out in the wild, allways Make me smile. Thanks @slowwalker

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What a wonderful photo collection you have here! That yellow on the first two photos is absolutely amazing and the rocks are stunning. I'm resteeming this, thanks for the photos and happy holidays! 🙂

@slowwalker, Of course....Those autumn leaves background made delightful imagine to Bongjeong-sa Temple. Those yellow color surround improve my mindset. I think about myself. If I meet my oldest friend someday, I talk about our life spend more time like as both old grandmas. They have more knowledge about their lifestyles. Terrific capture you take of them. The mountain god building placed nice location under the tree shades. There are so many stone piles indeed. Roof styles impressive. However you inspiring me lot through awesomeness clicks.

Great place to be in to have inner peace right now wonderful :)

Amazing how a setting can influence you. I suspect everyone feels something special.

And, a friend to sit in the sunlight and chat with....priceless.

The first two shots that peaceful environment with kids... Love it, very cool and peaceful really.. I do appreciate those beautiful autumn flower around.. plus that building look great and simple..

Thanks for share.

Peaceful and calm it is.
Hoping to visit this place soon.
Thanks for sharing also these pictures..all are amazing. :)

The pictures are really amazing to look. Great photography @slowwalker
Sometimes environment like this enhances the spiritual feelings. I also like this type of traditional roofs. Specially, during rain, the sound is nice to hear from this type of roof.

Wow, this looks like a really awesome place, thanks for sharing @slowwalker!