The One of 3 Great Buddhist Halls in Korea, Gakwhang-sa Temple

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The first reason why I came by this temple was looking around Gakwhang-jeon hall which was said the one of 3 great buddhist temple in Korea. The standard to decide those 3 great Buddhist hall was uncertain, but in my experience, the size, the beauty and the history seemed important in the criterion.

The hall, Gakwhang-jeon, was said to be built by the King in Choson dynasty. More clearly speaking, this hall was rebuild after the Japanese Invasion 1592-1597. Actually this hall was built in Shilla dynasty more than 1200 years ago. After the war, the King donated the money to rebuild this hall.

The Gakwhang-jeon hall was so beautiful, so I took several photos from different angles.
I wish you enjoy the beauty of Gakwhang-jeon.





The foundation and the corner stones indicated that this hall was built in Shilla dynasty at first.




The inside scenes were as below



The other two great halls were Daewung-jeon in Beopju-sa temple and Geuklak-jeon in Murang-sa temple.



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With that mountain filled with the beauty of Autumn these photography becomes so wonderful! Thanks for sharing such wonderful destination of Korea!


📷😱Wooow.... Soooo cute place...and.... Awesome photography.💕 dear lovely friend @slowwalker ....really love your photography....💕

@slowwalker, Omg.....I'm pretty stunning to see inside and outside of Gakwhang-sa Temple in Korea. Seemed more crowded here for watch beauty of surrounding area and find historical thing this place. This is a paradise for Korean Buddhist. Gakwhang-jeon hall most inspiration for everyone who visit and watch this temple. Golden Buddha statues give meditate of my mind. Well compared and well explained behind story with professional photo collections.

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The temple is beautiful, the peace and God's presence is felt.

This is so beautiful place. I love your photography.

What a beautiful temple. Shared with my followers.

Wonderful. That's why I love all ancient structure; template, Church, mosques and others.

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beautiful place of piece you are sharing here.

Lovely. Thanks for this.

A nice place. Most of all I liked the second photo on which close-up steps to the temple are visible.

You are right that is historically a real heritage, I can't even imagine 1200 years ago and how the people that time were creative people from the beauty point of view and architecturally they knew physics and mathematics so good that those buildings remained stable over so many centuries . The picture with the narrow hall and wooden floor looks very cozy , I wish I could have such nice wooden interior too. Thank you for this detailed pictures.

Nice photo with the Autumn scenery at the back, it looks beautiful

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