Love Has No Colour

10개월 전

love does not see color original photography by fraenk


Love Has No Colour!

But usually it's red.

Ladybugs must be pretty open minded people, i mean, if gender isn't a meaningful construct to them, all the guys calling themselves ladies, why should race even matter?!

I noticed one of the bushes in the garden was being frequented by tons of ladybugs of various patterns and colours. Taking a closer look, it was rather obvious why they were there. A sprawling aphid infestation was providing a rich buffet for those cutesy little buggers.

One couple in particular caught my eye and @hazel420 was kind enough to hold up that branch for me so I could get a good shot of them using @stresskiller's reverse-lense macro trick.


love does not see color alternative angle original photography by fraenk


I'm definitely glad to see them getting their groove on. Not only did I get this funny picture out of it, their offspring will also continue to feast on these nasty aphids and help me keep those pests under control.


Thank you for viewing my @snaepshots!


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@fraenk loves you!

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Hey hey, another post :)

You should tag this NSFW :p Impressive macro picture


hehehe... yeah... I'm trying to be a better steemian ;)

that reverse-lens-macro-trick is really easy if you use a camera with a detachable lens, you just take it off and hold it in front of the camera the wrong way around - boom: macro lens!


Haha well you certainly contribute a lot to the platform, I think that certainly counts.

That is a cool idea haha. I don't have a lens, because I just use my phone, but I took this picture today and thought it was a cool picture of this beetle.

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