Animal Portrait; the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen - photography by @sofi-m

4년 전

Good evening my friends,

Yesterday I came out of the super market and saw a gorgeous dog chained next to a beggar.

It is usually the suffering of the man begging for help that gets our attention and help, but yesterday it was the beauty of his dog. I couldn't help but take a photo of her.




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Beautiful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogs are sometimes much better than some people, they are very smart, faithful, real. They will never betray you, even if we abuse them sometimes, anyway, we are for them the best .


You are very right, unfortunately for people!

looking so adorable and cute wow i liked the pics so much

Great Shot!
Those eyes tell quite a story.
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)

So beautiful this dog and its eyes are unique 1st time i see such eye colors really very good post @sofi-m great

Beautiful dog, i like the eyes

Wow those eyes are Magical nice photos : )

Beautiful eyes, they almost seem human. So much emotion. The dog seems really unhappy


I thought so too, I even thought of asking the owner to give or sell her to me to bring her to a better home...

That last picture got my heart in the centre 😊 What a beauty!


She is heart melting indeed :)

wonderful post all the three pics you showed looks amazing

eye beautiful
good prefect

the dog is so cute and amazing wow wonderful photography by you dear


Thank you!

The eye of the dog is sure amazing !looks really cool I should say !