Trip to Mykonos, Greece; Skies and Seas vol.1 - photography by @sofi-m

4년 전

Hello Steemians,

I haven't been posting much lately, but I just came to Mykonos with my best friend to take care of some family business, and although it's winter, the island is offering such beautiful and magnificent moments that I have to share with you!

The photos I'm going to show you today are yesterday's sunset. I think you will like them!




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beautiful island with sunset, very beautiful photography, I think your post is very good and great.
Good luck @sofi-m


Thank you very much @edy90


thanks again my friend.
allow me to be your friend, because I know, if you are very good person.
thanks again for your kindness @sofi-m

Beautiful captures!
Steem on :)


Beautiful! I love Greek islands. Haven't been to Mykonos yet but it'son my bucket list. Lovely island :)


Thanks! You should definitely put Mykonos in your list - but also in your budget because it is expensive. But worth every penny.

Absolutely stunning mama, bravo!!!

The best thing about photography is the you capture the soul of nature...And one catches the soul of nature only when his heart and mind is in peace with nature..This pic is example for it ;)


I completely agree with you! This is why I love photographing skies, with the clouds forming images...

Love these, I found just slightly tilting the camera can change the colours dramatically.


True, but these days Mykonos offers the views naturally. And these photos are taken with my cell phone.


They are lovely :-)

Beautiful views and great pictures.

Wow buddy it sure is indeed magnificent and beautiful !
Awesome scenarios !


Thank you very much @rehan12!

great sunset and photography @sofi-m
keep that up :)



Thank you @marsell I appreciate it!

Wonderful shots dear seems like you are very busy great to see you after a long time :D


Thank you @blazing! Well, I was busy but I was sorting out unpleasant business.

this is very very beautiful photography and great work by you :)


Thanks so much @cutiepie!

its so beautifully amazing dear @sofi-m thanks for sharing


Thank you very much @cityslicker!

Looks like there is a magic in the air wow so nice scenes


I am glad you like them @starboye!