Trip to Mykonos, Greece; Skies and Seas vol.2 - photography by @sofi-m

4년 전

Yesterday I tried to capture the sky over Mykonos town at various times of day and today I am going to show you my favorite shots.

Looking at these photos again, I realize that it is not by luck that Mykonos is not one of the most popular destinations worldwide.

There is magic in the air.








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The color in those clouds is really amazing! Great captures


Thank you very much!

incredible time you had spent there taking these shots wow


It's beautiful here indeed, I don't have to do much to take good pics...

The first five are amazing! The synthesis of sky colours with the local architectural is very beautiful . Μπράβο σου !


Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

Omg they are so unbelievable!

well honestly i loved the last picture it perfect


Glad you did!

I think I need holidays!


Hang in there! It's still cold...


Can't see any snow on your photos, so definitely warmer then where I am :)

Even the clouds look amazing. Like a painting 😍


Clouds change colors and figures, I always like to observe them :)

Wonderful scenes and a nice city to live in :D


Indeed, one day I think I am going to move!

the skies looks lighted up naturally super amazing shots


Incredible its like magic is in the air there and it can be felt


There is magic indeed!

Great Shots!
Those are some amazing cloud formations.
Steem on :)