Coral Reef

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or maybe another kind…
I took this photo a few days ago in San Agustin Beach in Oaxaca, Mexico… It's a beautiful place with a big coral reef, which I guess must of been amazing…

You have all seen on tv or some magazine the beautiful colour of the coral reel and how full of life it is… well, im sorry to tell you most of it now looks like this:


Its all green! covered with algae
vlcsnap-error617 (2)_Modificado.jpeg

Slowly but constantly breaking in pieces

Sadly all the coral I've ever seen with maybe some small bits of exception, is DEAD and its one of the first signs of the global warming. The first thing to get warmer is the ocean and coral cant survive for more than one or two days with warmer water… already 70% or more is gone world wide. Is not gonna las for long and I believe teres already nothing we can do to save it other than keep some in aquariums :(

If we don't change our ways this is gonna be just the first of a long chain of extinctions.

Our children are never gonna be able to see a live coral reef, one of the most astonishing ecosystems in the whole planet.

Original Photo and Text

PS: I haven't done any colour or any kind of correction on the last 3 photos, I don't want them to look pretty… is sad, is just dead coral...

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