Concrete Jungle

5년 전


I honestly don’t remember where this photo was taken, just that it was in downtown Manhattan. I love city photography. It’s one of my favorite things to photograph.

If you like photography, go to your nearest city or historic district and give it a go!

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Great photography ! You can feel this Jungle feeling where everyone fight for either survival or supremacy. Take care

Nice picture. upvoted.

nice view

Looking at your photo, I feel as if I was there. This really says something about how you take photos. You make them lively. Thank you!

beautiful idea of the post. I like I soòoooooo much

Great point of view dear I like u so much

this makes me want to travel so bad!
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Thank you :)

it really is interesting. we take photos of other cities, but now the ones we live in. it might not be the case for you, but it is for me 😂

This photo gave me the chills! So beautiful 😍

lovely shot. whith what cam was this taken?

the blue contrast is simply amazing

I thought it was SF then PA then They all have a street like this!!
Nice photo. Joy

I love your point of view.

Amazing beautiful my friend regard