Pink and White

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She is Hot Pink

Ready for the celebration. The Pink House that is.


It is the equivalent of the US White House. The president flies in and lands 40 feet from the main road out back. I am not sure if he actually lives here or not.

This photo was taken in May of 2010 when Argentina was having its 200 year anniversary. It was a strange but outlandish celebration with monstrous floats and rolling demonstrations.

Starting at Plaza de Mayo, today I wanted to show the Pink House at its best. I also have a special photo of the colonial building with a colonial changing of the guard.

A short film.

The Cabildo
This beautiful building is open daily for tours but at the bicentennial, it was painted up and filled with musket toting soldiers.

I have other crazy clips from this all out blow out. I hope to share some of them with you all.

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I love the architecture of colonial or ex-colonials countries, here in Venezuela we try to keep the style and just repair the inside of walls and ceiling.

Algo que me he preguntado es por que a las casas de los presidentes en cada país le colocan como nombre un color.
Aquí en Venezuela se llama la casa Amarilla.

Si cada país es independiente con respecto a otros países. Pues yo le colocaría cualquier otro nombre.

Esta genial la foto. y todos estos presidentes medio socialistas medio comunistas suelen ser muy extravagantes .

Saludos desde la amarilla tierra de Venezuela.

The Plaza de Mayo and the surroundings are really beautiful. I have the good fortune to work 6 blocks away and at least once a month I will sit in the square at noon, meditate a little and clear my mind.

Too bad for the camps that eventually settle people protesting, it's the only thing I don't like.

Excelente fotografias, tampoco se porque le ponen colores indicativos a las residencias de gobierno. Voy a darme una vuelta por internet para aprender un poco de esta historia @sponge-bob

Excellent photographs, I don't know either because they put indicative colors on government residences. I'm going to shop around the internet to learn a little about this story @sponge-bob

Good afternoon from Venezuela @sponge-bob
That color is beautiful, not everything must be banks, must be distinguished from others.
Where I live in Ciudad Bolívar, there was one but the Yellow House had nothing to do with politics, it is a house that is part of the historical heritage of my city but I don't really know its history.
But with the lights the pink looks more beautiful, I imagine that the care and maintenance must be extreme.

Fuente imagen

This is the Yellow House in Ciudad Bolivar

The cover photo is beautiful, with that bright color. It really is a shocking and captivating picture in all its splendor.

Besides it, there is the majestic Colonial House, with its soldiers posted on the balconies of the building.
They really are spectacular shots. I loved it!

Beautiful picture. Argentina is one of my favorite countries, I hope someday to be able to appreciate these beauties in my own flesh. @sponge-bob Thank you for sharing.

Excellent photographs, very beautiful place. The presidential houses should have only one entrance through which you should pass on foot, so you will have more contact with the people and with the ground because when you reach President take flight and do not want to go down to touch land. Thank you for sharing.

Now and thinking it well as I read in another commentary, because names give colors to those houses of government at least the main one.
The white house in the United States is more or less acceptable is a neutral color.

But the pink house in Argentina sounds more feminine than masculine, when there are more masculine than feminine personnel.

But overall everyone is different I will have to look for the origin of why the house in Argentina is pink.
Thank you for teaching us about your country @sponge-bob

I have always enjoyed the pink house... I feel it was much nicer around there back then (it's still relatively nice though).

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That one looks pretty awesome !

beautiful images of the presidential house, I have always felt that in those spaces there should be something really productive and that helps the citizens of the country

Congratulations on a good job of photography. I loved them. You can appreciate the architecture of the works. I hope more photos, greetings from Venezuela.

A good job was done with the structure of this building well cared for for for the occasion, hopefully they will put the same effort with the people who put them there, otherwise it is worthless. The left may return to the pink house after an unpopular Macri, nice pictures.