The little sprig that could.

25일 전

The poor sickly plant.

The one that I had killed, or so said the landlord, has a new lease on life!

2019-10-18 18.45.00.jpg
A beautiful bit of color that caught my eye, dragging me to the terrace.

I was told several months ago that I had killed the plant at the end of the terrace. I argued that it was mid-winter and all plants lose their leaves, except for the evergreen and pine of course.

I was doing some spring cleaning yesterday and saw the lone red flower blooming outside. I went to have a look. No need to water the plants because it had rained almost every day for weeks.

As you can see by the foliage at the base, it is not for a lack of water that this plant has allegedly bit the dust. I was reviewing the photos I took last night, and what I saw prompted this post.

It was evening and sunset had just arrived. I have had no sun on the terrace all winter, but that is now changing. I felt the sun on my back and glancing at the poor dead plant, I saw a sprig of green.

I was thrilled to find that I am not a murderer! The little plant is going to make it.

There is always hope


Thanks for opening up my post and reading.

sponge bob.jpg

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Beautiful photography

Very good photography flower friends

The whole city of Buenos Aires is already flourishing

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Lovely, I feel a relived heart.

There is always a hope alive !

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Amazing photography by you !!!!

Beautiful red flower

I like the second photo a lot.