Autumn Walk. Trees and Skies, Mountains and Flowers, Selfies and Flies.

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spreadfire1 collage landscape.jpg

Autumn walk

I once promised never to post only pictures, to always tell the story behind them. This promise was long broken.

Of Trees and Skies,
Mountains and Flowers,
Selfies and Flies.

Many "shitposts" later...

Maybe I'm too harsh on myself by using the term "shitpost", depending on its definition, that's up for discussion. But I did post some single photos for photo contests without backstories.

By the way, I recently created my first, very own Instagram profile. I plan to post more to mainstream social media from now on. Be it only crossposting my Steemit content, I think it can still attract new users to the platform.

Marvels of nature

As usual, I try to provide the correct scientific names of plants and animals. Sometimes it's hard to identify them but I do my best. Let me know if I got anything wrong or if you can help to name the missing ones.

Come along...

...with me on the journey. Enjoy peacefulness, beauty (of nature, not my awkwardly smiling selfie face), colorful scenes, attention to detail and whatever else you decide to take away from my content for yourself individually. Art can be interpreted in many ways, and often in a completely different way than the author intended. So despite my limited creativity, be limitless in interpreting it. ;-)

Without further ado, I let the pictures speak for themselves:

20181112_113457 spreadfire1 sky sun planes noisereduced.jpg

Limetree (genus: Tilia)

20181112_113238 spreadfire1 thirds.jpg
Mourning willow (Salix babylonica)

20181112_111724 spreadfire1 flowers depth of field.jpg

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
Beet (Beta vulgaris)

20181112_110431 spreadfire1.jpg

20181112_111349 spreadfire1 portrait.jpg


Closeup of flies sitting on a Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) flower.
collage yarrow flies.jpg
See my yesterday's article for more details on that.

Thank you for reading,

voting, commenting and participating in any way or form. Very much appreciated!

For @photocontests, #smartphonephotography #landscapephotography
with my Samsung Galaxy S5, enhanced with

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Nice collection. I like seeing all your colors over there. Here in Wyoming, we're already in the depths of winter, though our overnight temp was just above freezing - much nicer than the 4F I awoke to yesterday!


Thank you very much! :-)
The pictures are a few days old though. Regarding the temperatures, we also had a sudden drop here. This year's first snow fell overnight...gotta get used to scraping off my car's windshield again every morning.


We had about 6 inches Friday night. Here, the wind tends to sculpt the snow - I hope to capture some pictures of that later in the winter, but I did capture a few images that I'm sharing. We get about 80 inches annually where we are, but it doesn't hang around, except where it blows into drifts.