Early January 2020 - the beach just for a change (Photography)


Yes, I'm more than aware it's now early February but I'm a little behind :)

This series of photographs were taken on a stunning Saturday morning back on the 4th January. I don't recall why, but I didn't head off to meet the other dog walkers as usual but instead went at it along on the northern end of the beach. Jolly enjoyable it was too...although I'm sure Lola missed running around with her little 4 legged friends.

We arrived at the dunes not too long after sunrise. Living here on the east coast I think it's safe to say we get some pretty awesome views first thing.


Some cracking contrast on the beach looking north(ish)


Back to the east the sun keeps on doing its thing. The rocks you can see are part of the sea defences (groynes) and aren't natural.


Lola being her photogenic self as per usual. This damn animal has a better social life than me! We have a dog walker to taker out when we're at work and every other person seems to know her by name.


I wish I could paint as I'd love to have a bash at turning this into oils.


Always feel the urge to have a good ol' black and white photo in there.


Those grand Norfolk skies.


All photos my own and taken with an iPhone 8 with some tweaking in Photoshop.

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I loved the windmills on the horizon of several photographs. Black and white photography is spectacular. And Lola is a great model hahahaha
Your photos are very beautiful, a great hello @stav

Colored ones are really good but black and white adds another layer and it looks more romantic I think, enjoyed them all though!

  ·  작년

Thank you for taking time to comment :) I have a soft spot for B&W photos but many others seem not to.

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Congratulations @stav

  ·  작년

You're a lucky man to have those views on a daily basis. How often is it blowing a gale and raining?

  ·  작년

I certainly am!

touch wood other than the beast from the east it hasn't been too bad. We get the odd blustery night but it often calms down for the morning. In my head it hasn't been any worse than in the chilterns.

  ·  작년

I guess if you have to walk the dog then you go out regardless. The last couple of winters have not been too bad here either when I've had to walk to the station.

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Those pictures are stunning! I love the early mornings.

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Hi stav,

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Son encantadoras tus fotos. Y en realidad es fotogénica la pequeña mascota. Me gusta el mar, ya que soy de la costa. La arena, el mar y las nubes hacen un efecto relajante, y hace añorar estar en ese precioso lugar. Te felicito por tus imágenes.

Your photos are lovely. And the pet is really photogenic. I like the sea, since I am from the coast. The sand, the sea and the clouds make a relaxing effect, and makes you long to be in that beautiful place. I congratulate you on your images.

Amazing photos and very good edited. 👌