Desires (Stanza)

4년 전

Good evening everyone in Steemit!

Today I bring you a verse that I wrote for her, I hope you like it.

"You are a dream that came true,

Better than my mind could imagine,

Your sweet look, has managed to enter,

To the room of feelings that nobody could dominate,

Your voice and your lips are part of my addiction,

When I get in touch, my mind loses its reason,

But, by touching your hands I regain control,

You are the dose I need to calm my heart,

Your skin, soft like your lips,

The one I want to go through with kisses every day,

And daily, to be able to say that I love you

While I feel your body through my hands,

Those same, who will be there to support you,

With the I want to build a bright future,

For both of us, where our path began,

Do not put an end point, because I know you are my destiny. "


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