Baja Sunday on the Coast - [photography] [ocean]

11개월 전

- Silent Waves -

The Ocean makes and breaks,

It gives and takes with every wave

And yet She never says a word.

How long shall it be

before the world realizes

that her silence


                    - - - - - - - - -

I took this pic summer of 2017 on the Pacific coast side of Baja.

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Lovely poem Sir @streetstyle
The ocean does cry because of the pollutants that humanity is causing havoc into its pristine beauty and quality.
But still it is defiant and will soon win when people are no more int he face of the earth.


Thank you @cryptopie I appreciare it.

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What a beautiful image and beautiful message. The sky seems cloudy and at the end of the image is clearly a solid point of light, just like the waves as they are breaking.

Saludos @streetstyle de verdad que no hay nada que nos pueda relajar más que disfrutar del "Va y Ven" de las olas del mar, ese lugar en la costa del Pacífico de Baja California por las fotografías que nos has mostrado debe ser increible

the beautiful ocean.
nice photography @streetstyle

great photography and very very nice place

Got to come to see it in colour too!
Now I see what I didn’t see at first.

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Thank @kaminchan So glad I posted both styles. Sometimes I usually like an picture in on style more than another, but with this one I like them both, and do appreciate the contrasts between the two..
Thanks for taking the time to see both 👊🏼🙏🏽💯

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Beautiful and a nice scenery and the ocean looks calm. Nice photo @streetstyle

Now that's spectacular to look at enjoying watching it

Beautiful fantastic click.
Good environment in photography.

Very beautiful! Amazing photo!


Thank you 🙏🏽

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I like the sea color is green

Here's a free vote, just for being you!! Have an amazing day!!

Very beautiful photo and you chose a great time for shooting!

Hello, @streetstyle, excellent words, we humans have a destructive instinct, but when nature responds, it does it without mercy, taking everything in its path, so we must respect and take care of our natural resources, when all this is missing, we will cry, but it will be too late

Buenas noches amigo @streetstyle , le deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo. Esas costas son muy parecidas a las de algunas partes de mi isla . Que tenga una gran noche

Very good view

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Great photo @streetstyle and this beach looks amazingly beautiful!

Cool please for enjoying porous nice view good pic.

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