Agapanthus Flower

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Agapanthus Flower

To begin my explanation tonight, I just stopped by for a moment, close to a coffee shop, before I rested tonight, and made my way home, tomorrow.

tonight, I have prepared pictures of beautiful flowers, in the highlands of the Gayo Lues mountains.

stories and pictures on my journey looking for beautiful and unique flowers

This morning, after I breathed in fresh air, from a mountainous area with cold weather, I moved slowly, into the city area, in the middle of the wilderness, which was occupied by local residents' houses.

before you see the picture that I got, in this area, I just want to share, a little experience on my journey, even though alone and far away, only the spirit and beauty of nature, that can make me present here, in one city, which is in the middle of the mountain the big and tall one. to search, material in my blog posting. in the steem community.

like the picture you see below :


Photo Takengon City from the top of the hill, heading for Gayo lues

even though I have been far away .. from the center of takengon city, I can still see this beauty, from the street leading to gayo lues, by having a height, which is very high, I paused, taking this picture, you can see, the situation, when on my way to find flowers.

the wheels of the vehicle, just keep turning, which I drive there, my eyes are always fixed, looking at, all kinds of flowers that grow around, for example:

  • park street area
  • tourist park area
  • flower garden at home community.

with certainty, I have, first, learned, how to visit there, by way of greeting.

although this area, including, a quiet area, but, community traffic, still visible along the road.

after a few hours had passed, I just discovered, the type of flower, which spontaneously, the vehicle I was driving, I had to stop, because ... I saw the type of flower, which is often referred to in several Wikipedia sources, was the type of flower of Agapanthus.

Agapanthus flowers

This type of Agapanthus flower, is my aim, because it is only in this area, I can find it, earlier today, let's look at it below:


Agapanthus flowers

this is the type of Agapanthus flower, which is a favorite of the people, growing very beautiful along the way. with the cold regional situation, I took a few pictures, of this type of flower.

You can see in the picture, this flower, grows beautifully, by having a very bright color.


Agapanthus flowers

here, I have also prepared, this flower picture, before it develops, so ... all of us, can both know... how .... this type of flower, before developing.

let us notice, the picture above and below


Agapanthus flowers

hi my friends all ... that's the process, the type of flower, before it developed all this time, because of this type of flower, so ... now, we are all together, knowing now. This type of Agapanthus flower, before, grows and develops, like the flower below.


Agapanthus flowers

in the picture, we can see, right in the middle of this developing flower, has a flower that hasn't bloomed yet, in a standing condition right in the middle.

meanwhile, existing at the edge, has developed, but not yet large.


Agapanthus flowers

in the picture above, I deliberately, took a picture of this flower, in a very close distance, so that we could see together.
let us look again, below.

Agapanthus flower stamens


Agapanthus flowers

if you have seen this flower developing, in the next picture, you can see again, right inside this flower, having anthers and stamen, but, in condition, curving out.

almost on average, anthers and stamens, this flower type, have between 5 (five) stamens.

display of Agapanthus flowers


Agapanthus flowers

Now ... in this last part, I will show, the whole of the flower stalk, for all of you, to know, this type of flower, from the whole.

You can see, in the picture above, that is, if the shape of this flower, stands tall, along the road to this Gayo lues area.

that's what I can say, tonight, I'll do a break, to prepare for coming home tomorrow morning, while looking around, along the way, maybe there are some other types of flowers, which I can photograph, and I show to all of you, who incorporated in the steem community.

I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Type flowersAgapanthus flowers
Location Photomountains Flower
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraYungNuo
Photography by@sultan-aceh

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Really this one unique

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glad to hear it .. yes you have seen it @nevlu123

Season most amazing picture...
What's a beaut!

In reality amazing unique flowers, thanks for sharing with us!

Kob lagak bit bungong Agapanthus, warna pih sep cerah, yang leubeh unik lom tangke jih sep panyang. Teu pesona teuh oeh takalen, hate pih teu goda. Leubeh lagak lage gamba di pixabay, nyanban tari 😍

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