If I Were In His Shoes

6개월 전

I saw this pair of boots a long time ago when I went to the local shop. It was by the door of one of the cottages. It really caught my attention, I smiled at the same time. The owner of these boots must have had a long walk in the woods or maybe worked hard in the allotment. He must have been tired and had no time to put them inside. Oh well, nothing wrong with that, displaying your dirty shoes where everybody can see it. I would do the same if I were in his shoes:):)

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Yours truly,

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Hello @sunnylife, nice to greet you, I imagine they didn't let you pass with the boots so dirty to the local. Sometimes I came from playing with the shoes even dirtier and before they told me something I took them off and put them to soak to wash them, hahahaha. HAPPINESS always


thanks for dropping by and have a lovely weekend.