#MyPictureWednesday - Wake Up, Bimba!

6개월 전

This is Bimba, the queen in the house. She is fluffy, smart and healthy:):). She has special food, Bimba is kinda picky. She gets what she wants, Mamo spoils her a lot. Mamo, has 5 new little kittens. They are so cute!! In total She has now 9 cats in the house!




Bimba is not my favorite cat, it was Elie. She was a disabled cat. Mamo found her and her sisters by the rubbish bin. Eventually, Mamo adopted the 3 kittens. Bimba wasn't friendly to them but she managed to keep herself away from them. Sadly, Elie passed away a few months ago. Do you have pets?

Gratefuvibes Discord Channel https://discord.gg/ckGqMG

Yours truly,

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Hello Bimba! 🐱
God bless you more Mamo for having a big heart.
Happy to see you back Steeming sissy @sunnylife ♥️


salamat sis:)
daan daan lang hehehe