Swans and ducks!🦢🦆

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I will dedicate this post to #FeatheredFrinds/hive-106444
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I love our feathered friends so much they are so puffy.🦢🦆🦢🦆🦢

They weren't afraid of people .... so we had a great time ....☀️🤗

I haven't seen Black Swans for a long time ... I enjoyed watching them float and look after each other.

And the combination of black and white ... classics ... life ...

Here are the ducks enjoying themselves ...

Baby ❤️
Thank you for visiting my blog.🤗
I wish you a nice day!☀️

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How lovely! It has been many years since I saw a black swan. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them with #featheredfriends!


Thank you dear @ melinda010100😊
neither have I seen the black swan for a long time....

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Beautiful birds!
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Beautiful birds!

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