Heinkel Bubble Car... A cool ride!

3년 전


I was in Munich, Germany and went to a museum where I found this very cool car. It's not too big, but I bet it would be fun to drive!



Everyone would be looking if you drove down this street in one of these Bubble cars.

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Hey, I remember this car from an old children's book I used to have. I was fascinated by the image of a car.

Great find, congrats.


Thanks @ervin-lemark !

When I saw that car its design drew me in: so innovative that if it were released it in 2017 I bet it would become an instant best seller. While that isn't going to happen, at least you found the car from your old children's book these many years later. : )

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my grandparents had one of them. it was a very special time for them. but very expensive this time. even today the worth of the car in good condition is very high


They had one? How cool. Did you ever get to ride in it?

With only 12,000 ever made, your grandparents were some of the lucky few to ever own one. Thanks for your comment!

that's a car like a boss!


Hey Mark,

Like a boss is right! Your car doesn't have to be big to be awesome. Driving down the main drag on a busy day, all the ladies would notice and smile, no doubt.

I bet the horn in that Heinkel Bad Boy was also adorable.


well said. all the ladies would like to cruise down the boulevard in that boss mobile.

I was curious about the horn so I watch on youtube. Damn the whole front is a door. haha how cool is that :)


I'm not sure about the safety of having the whole front of the car flip out of the way, since in an accident I can see that getting wedged. Nonetheless, it is seriously cool. I'm 6'1", so I'm not sure if I would fit in there very well, but I would certainly try!

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