The technique of butterflies having sex #4


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After a male defeats another male, the victorious party will have the female of his choice, while the losing party will leave them and go looking for a new female.

Male butterflies come out of the females first

In general, the butterfly itself chooses its mate when it comes out of the cocoon skin, in practice the male butterfly will be born earlier than the female cocoon, then when the male comes out of the skin then he waits for a while to wait for his partner to come out of their shells.

When the woman comes out, the male butterfly will continue to do various ways to attract the attention of their partners to be made as their partners.

In general, women will always accept their partners and they will always be together in his life even in a short time. However, if the awaited male is born too, So, male butterflies born earlier will look for their mates in other areas, so we often find male butterflies flying themselves looking for a mate in their new territory.

Female butterflies are always loyal

The life of a butterfly is very different from the life of other insect species in terms of determining its mate, in this case the female is always loyal to her mate in having an intimate relationship in increasing the population. Every female butterfly that has been mated by the male he chooses so, the female will not accept other males in intercourse.

Then how does he know his initial partner? In this case each butterfly has an antenna or pressure device on their body, when they get agreement between male and female then the female will kiss the male by swiping the antenna to the male, so that the sensor or taste device will be automatically recorded for male body curves and curves in his memory, so he will keep remembering it.

The way they have intercourse

In this case maybe you already understand it when you see the image that was uploaded in this post. Their technique in intercourse by hanging on the leaves, or standing on both feet simultaneously while attaching their stomachs respectively. When they do that their bodies do not move, as if we see them dead.

In observation the authors have seen butterflies have sex for 1 hour or more, they will remain silent and not move and ignore their environment.

As for the location that he chose when making the relationship they look for a location far from the activity of other insect species, or can be said at the location of a dense crowd of leaves, this is done to avoid the attack of other predators such as birds, cats, or other insect species that kerab hunt him.

Activities like this are carried out by butterflies almost every day, this is influenced by its very short age. When the female has been fertilized, she will find a place and leaves that are green and healthy to lay their eggs and this will take place as the initial thing as done by the parent brand.

Repeated events will occur again when the female lays eggs on each leaf. So this practice is mentioned by experts as part of perfect methamorposis such as,

  • Lay eggs
  • Hatch into larvae
  • Turn into a cocoon
  • And a butterfly will be born

So it goes on this recurring incident at any time, and this process will not change forever.

That is a brief review of the life of a butterfly in increasing its population in the world, hopefully what has been conveyed is useful for us all. Thank you very much.

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