My trip to Puncak Hill

8개월 전

An excursion to a protected forest in the province of Aceh in the country of Indonesia, one of the countries on the Asian continent.


During the pandemic covid19 throughout the world it makes us very stressed at home. to relieve stress we have a lot of recreation. today I relax into the distant forest about 5 kilometers from my home


Before the pandemic covid19 hit our region here it was very visitors but very quiet of the people visiting here.


There is also a Puncak hill restaurant there that provides food and drinks if you want Aceh coffee is there. Even though the atmosphere is not crowded but the atmosphere is very clean air and the green forest is very happy. For those of you who want to go later you can contact me in Aceh Indonesia.

Thankyou to reading
Folowme @syukriandira

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