Be like Leech sometimes on your way

3년 전

Sometimes it's fair to be like Leech while walking on your way of life.Sounds confusing right ?

Image : Leech Buxa Forest

Let it be discussed.Have you ever seen a leech's moving style ? It Stucks with one side of it and then releases other side to be stucked.When other side is able to stuck with land or tree wherever it is going on then it lifted the stucked side to move forward.It does not let itself free without checking the availability of sticking the another side.That means it is very careful during stepping ahead.

Image : Leech in Buxa Forest

On the way of life there is always risks scattered like stings.So one have to be careful before stepping ahead to prevent being harmed.
Yes there is a proverb like "No risk,no gain" but unwanted risk for a minimal job is not good for smooth walk.
So be like Leech whenever it is needed.

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